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1. The manufacturer's warranty is valid for all products acquired in our online store THORAUTO.EU.

2. The manufacturer's warranty period for different products may vary. Sometimes it can be 5 years.

3. For the guarantee to be valid, you should have:

  • original document of purchase (cash receipt, strict accounting invoice or strict accounting receipt);

  • manufacturer’s or seller’s warranty card.

  • The warranty card should be properly executed. It should contain the date of purchase and the warranty period.

4. The terms of the warranty shall not be applicable to:

minor defects, the presence of which does not affect the operation of the item itself, for example, scratches on the package of the goods;

  • accessories coming standard with the purchased item and component parts (for example: chargers, headphones, microphones, batteries, antennas, control panels, wires, dust collecting bags, bulbs, protection devices, as well as glass, porcelain, cloth and paper elements, wear of which cannot be prevented);

  • details of the goods that have been broken due to wear.

5. The warranty shall not be valid in the following cases:

  • in case of any damage, if the fact of damage to the warranty seal, serial number, penetration into the product as a result of unauthorized repair was stated;

  • in case of damages caused by force of nature, lightning, fire, etc., or in case of an accident;

  • in case of damages caused by the use of non-standard chargers and spare parts;

  • in case of damages caused by defects in the electrical supply network, non-compliance with the parameters of communication, cable networks and other household factors;

  • if no regular maintenance service was carried out (refers to the goods for which it is required);

  • if the acquired goods were used for production purposes and for other professional purposes for which they were not intended according to the instructions;

  • if the application instructions of the goods were not observed and the operating conditions were violated.

6. Broken goods with the warranty card and the original document of purchase should be delivered to the service center specified on the warranty card. If the service center is not specified, send information to our consultants to: and they will help you resolve this issue.